5 most badass people of all time

Badass people are tough, uncompromising and mentally strong. Those that made the cut on our list of the 5 most badass people are exactly that. They have no fear, they don’t give up and they never say never. We won’t blame you if you feel slightly intimidated after reading about the five most badass people in history:

Hugh Glass

HughGlassBearAttack - most badass people

Hugh Glass was a 19th century frontiersman, fur trapper and one of the most badass people in history. In 1823, he survived a savage attack from a grizzly bear that was trying to protect her cubs. He managed to grab his knife and stab the bear after it had brutally savaged him. His wounds were so horrific, that his fellow trappers placed a bear hide over him as a funeral shroud and left him for dead. But Hugh Glass was still alive.

When he regained consciousness he set his leg and started to crawl back to civilization. He prevented getting infected with gangrene by lying on a rotting log and allowing the maggots to eat his dead flesh. After crawling for 6 weeks, he finally reached civilization, where they were baffled to see him alive.

Hugh Glass is definitely one of the most badass people ever, and his story is even being made into a movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Juliane Koepcke

A German Biologist, Juliane Koepcke is most famous for having survived plane crash in the early 70’s. She was flying from Lima to Pucallpa with her mother when she was seventeen years old when their plane was struck by lightning and dropped 2 miles from the sky into the Peruvian rainforest.

Juliane was the sole survivor. She suffered a broken collarbone, a nasty gash on one arm and one of her eyes was swollen shut. She managed to find a stream, which she followed hoping to find civilization. After nine long and starving days of searching, she came across a boat belonging to lumber men who tended to her wounds and got her to safety.

Simo Hayha

simo h
Simo Hayha was a Finnish farmer and hunter who joined the Finnish Militia at 20 yeas old and turned into a legendary sniper. His talents were unparalleled and he earned himself the nickname of White Death after breaking all known records. Over a 100-day period, he killed 500 soldiers of the Red Army. Hayha was stealth and relentless; classic traits of badass people.

Embarrassed by his knack for killing off their men, the Soviets made his murder a top priority. They tried to kill him with counter snipers and artillery strikes but failed. But in March 1940, Hayha was finally hit. A bullet hit his lower left jaw and took off half of his face. However, he lived to see the end of the fighting with a crushed jaw and made a full recovery.

Shavarsh Karapetyan

A 17-time world champion Soviet-Armenian fin swimmer, Shavarsh Karapetyan was a big name in his sport, but is better known for being one of the most badass people ever. In 1976, he witnessed a bus crash into a deep reservoir with 92 passengers inside. Karapetyan came to the rescue. He broke a window into the bus, and with low visibility and little time, he singled handedly pulled 20 people to safety.

The combined effect of the freezing cold water and multiple wounds he suffered during his rescue efforts led him to fall into a coma for 45 days. He awoke a hero, but never managed to completely recover and had to retire as a finswimmer. Ten years later he also saved people from a burning building.

Roy Benavidez


Without a doubt, Roy Benavidez takes the number one spot on our list of the most badass people. A former member of United States Army Special Forces, Benavidez was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Vietnam.

He went to save his comrades who were out numbered, but his helicopter couldn’t land because it was taking fire. Benavidez jumped from the helicopter, which was 30-50 feet in the air, and ran 75 meters to get to his comrades while being shot at. He was shot in the face, leg and head, and once he got to his comrades he was shot in the gut and took a grenade to his back.

Despite all this he kept going! The helicopter he jumped from crashed so he rescued the wounded pilot from the wreckage and called in more air strikes and a second rescue attempt. He was shot in the leg a several more times and on his way to the back to the rescue chopper he was beaten and stabbed by the enemy, who Roy then killed in hand to hand combat.

He finally made it back to the chopper but was pronounced dead once they got back to base and put in a body bag. As they were zipping up the bag he had only the strength to spit to let them know he was still alive. Roy Benavidez is the epitome of badass.

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