7 Reasons You’re Single But Awesome:

Although being in a relationship with someone can be awesome, being alone doesn’t mean that you’re not an eligible partner. According to various experts, being single and living an awesome life shows your strength in waiting for a deserving candidate in your life. Being single definitely has its perks as you’re not tied down anything as well as avoiding emotional, financial and social constraints.

Being single can allow you to live your life like it’s a big party, and the latest trend of online dating has opened new avenues to meet new people. You’ll meet plenty of like-minded people online who are also keen to party and not get into anything too serious. You can live an awesome life as single guy or gal if you don’t believe in settling down. Being single can be so much fun that we just had to make a list of the 7 reasons you’re single but awesome:

  • 7. You’re free from responsibilities:

    Single but awesome - free from responsibilities
    When you’re single, you can live a good life with little responsibilities. Online dating can also give you freedom from any responsibility as you are not compelled to answer or call anyone back! You don’t have to worry about doing things for other people that takes up too much of your own free time. You can date anyone at any time according to your own suitability and therefore live a great single life.

  • 6. You have the freedom to make as many friends as you like:

    Another reason why you’re single but awesome is that you want to be free to make as many friends you want without your partner getting jealous. Online dating can also help you make a tonne of friends from all over the world. No one is going to object to you spending more time with your friends. Being single, you’re free to spend as much time as you wish with whoever you wish. You can have fun and flirt with your friends as much as you like.

  • 5. You’re free from arguments:single but awesome - no arguments

    Nobody enjoys arguing, but most of the people with life or steady partners often have to face tedious arguments. Couples argue with each other over almost anything! From chores and finances to attitude and even staring at others, couples tend to argue regularly. But being single, you’ve chosen to live a peaceful and awesome life free from arguments – one of the many reasons why you’re single but awesome.

  • 4. You don’t have to bother about the needs of others:

    Being in a relationship with others compels you to do things according to their liking. Your partner try to dictate what you should wear, how you should act and how you should spend your time. They may even make you go to places and do things with them that you hate! However, when you’re being single, you can act however you like, wear whatever you want, and spend your time doing only the things you want to be doing! This freedom makes being single awesome.

  • 3. You’ll have more time for you:

    single but awesome - me time2When you are in relationship with someone you will have to divide your time between commitments made with family, friends, work and hobbies as well as spending time with your significant other and their friends and family. But being single means all your free time can be spent on you. All this free time means you can hang out with friends, enjoy your hobbies and maybe even meet some new friends through online dating.

  • 2. You don’t have to bother with excuses and apologies:

    When you’re in relationship, be prepared to have your apologies well versed. You’ll find yourself having to apologise for a range of minor and mundane reasons, just to please your partner. But as single person you don’t have to worry about constantly pleasing the needs of someone else. You get to live your life according to your own terms and this is just another reason why you’re single but awesome.

  • 1. It’s so much cheaper being single!single but awesome - baller girl

    Last but not the least, it can be so expensive to have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend! With birthday’s and Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and even date nights, you can expect to pay a lot of money to keep your partner happy. Being single however, you have no such commitment to spend your money on anyone except yourself. This means you can live an awesome life being single and only spend money on the things you truly desire!

It’s obvious to see that singles can be as happy as the people in relationship and live an awesome life, sometimes much better than those in relationships. The increasing popularity of online dating has made it easier for singles to enjoy the single life and keep things casual without all of the hassles of a relationship. You can live your life on your own terms without it revolving around someone else. As a single person, you get to focus on yourself, your career and your friends – the epitome of why you’re single but awesome.

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