7 Things you didn’t know existed 

Check out these amazing things you didn’t know existed. These innovative products can completely change and enhance your life!

The Aria

Aria_Moto360The Aria is a smart watch controlled by finger movements, and will definitely be popular with those who love their gadgets. The Aria can also be used to control other electronics such as your phone and Go Pro!


3d simoThe 3D SIMO is a multi-purpose 3D pen that can perform a range of tasks such as cutting foam, soldering, and building whatever you like! This tool is perfect for creators and innovators with endless ideas.

Clever Pet

clever petClever pet is a must have for any pet owner. It automatically dispenses a treat to your pet after they successfully interacting with the dispenser. When they press a button, they will receive a treat. The next level requires your pet to press the button that is lit up to receive the treat. Clever pet is perfect for pets that get bored easily or suffer from separation anxiety.

Gecko Switch

gecko switchGecko switch is the ultimate life hack. Are light switches inconveniently placed out of reach from the warmth of your bed the bane of your existence? Slap a Gecko switch on the wall and it will act as the real light switch. Just replace the original switch with the base switch and place your gecko switch wherever you please.

The AllBe1

allbe1The AllBe1 is an all in one everything! It will act as your personal security, count your calories, report your location to emergency services, tell you when your child needs sunscreen or when they wander off, notify you when someone enters your home, the list goes on. It literally does everything!

Adaptive Saber Parts

saber partsAdaptive Saber Parts makes the finest custom built Light Sabers in the world. There are hundreds of parts available in three different finishes to create you own custom designed Saber. This is one movie quality prop even some hardcore Star Wars fans didn’t know existed.

The Vufine

viewfindThe Vufine is a hi-definition clip on display that works just like smart glasses. It was created out of frustration with conventional smart glasses that were over priced and impractical. The Vufine is simple and affordable and works by connecting with technology that you already have with a HDMI outlet, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, Go Pros and drones.

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