Take a look at these abandoned places all across the world!

These abandoned places can be found all across the world. From haunted mansions to deserted cities, the remaining ruins make for some seriously scary exploring – but only if you dare!

Ciudad Real Central Airport

spains airportsThe Ciudad Real Central Airport was the first private airport in Spain, built in 2010. Although this airport boasts one of the longest runways in Europe, it only was in operation for three years before closing down due to the owners going into receivership.

Italy’s many ghost villages

Cracoevacuata italyItaly has nearly 20,000 ghost villages all around the country. Many of the abandoned places were deserted due to natural disasters or a lack of running water and jobs in the area. Some of the remains are absolutely beautiful and many explorers and tourists have taken a keen interest in them.

The city of Pripyat, Ukraine

ukrainOnce a city of up to 50,000 residents, Pripyat was abandoned in 1986 after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which incurred nearby. Haunting playgrounds and ruins remain, with natural vegetation taking over the area. Due to the hazardous chemicals thought to still occupy the atmosphere, it is thought this city will remain abandoned for a very long time.

Ciudad Valdeluz

outside madridAlso located in Spain is the ghost town of Ciudad Valdeluz. Initially built to accommodate 30,000 people, only 1,000 people ended up residing there after construction came to a standstill due to issues with the Spanish economy. A few residents still remain, but as the suburb was only 25% completed before construction was halted, many have moved elsewhere.

Hashima Island


Hashima Island was a Japanese mining town located on an island. Once packed with people, the island was abandoned when Japan switched to petrol as their main source of fuel and the coal mines were subsequently shut down.

Chateau Miranda – Celles, Belgium

Chateau Miranda - Celles, Belgium

Another haunting addition to the abandoned places list is the Chateau Miranda, resembling a haunted mansion out of scary movie. Originally used as an orphanage, the Chateau was abandoned in 1980. Nowadays, thrill seekers looking for paranormal and spiritual activity flock to the Chateau Miranda to experience the haunting atmosphere.

Mount Buzludzha – Bulgaria’s Communist Party Headquarters


Resembling something out of an old school sci-fi movie, the monument is now abandoned. Located on the Balkan Mountains, it resembles a giant concrete flying saucer from the outside, meanwhile the interior is incredibly striking and other-worldly.

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