Check out the amazing things you can make with a 3D printer:

Technology has come a long way, and new advancements are being made each day. The latest being the revolutionising 3D printer. This has paved the way for new product designs and developments that can help the greater good and aid those with disabilities. Take a look at all sorts of amazing things you can make with a 3D printer!

Prosthetic limbs:

3d prostetic gifDesigning and printing a prosthetic limb using a 3D printer is a great example of how the technology can be used for good. From war veterans to disabled children, these truly make life so much easier for those in need. They are also customised to the individual, making them much more comfortable than traditional prosthetic limbs.


Imakr 3D Shoes in the Machine and on the computerHaven’t got any shoes to wear to that party you’re heading off to tonight? No need to sweat, just print some through your 3D printer. Design something unique that reflects your style and personality and everyone will be asking where you got your fabulous new footwear!

Musical instruments:

3d violin2Not only can you create a 3D printed instrument for yourself, you could also design and print a completely new instrument altogether!

A car:

3d printed car gifYes you read that correctly – you can in fact create a 3D printed car! Great news for people still driving that beat up 1985 Honda Civic. Now you can really show off to your friends with something more impressive! How does an Astin Martin sound?

Arthritis assist tools:

button assistThere are over 50 million people suffering with some degree of arthritis in the United States. The 3D printed arthritis tools assist them in completing tasks which although are quite easy for you and me, prove to be difficult for those with arthritis. These include doing up and undoing buttons, zipping and unzipping jackets, opening doors and carrying bags.

Replicas of ancient artefacts and prized possessions:

Replicas of ancient artefactsCan’t afford to go to El Dorado in the search for hidden treasure? Fancy a crown but aren’t stealth enough to steal off the Queen of England? Or maybe you’ve lost that beautiful watch your parents bought you for your graduation. Not to worry, just print yourself a replica using your 3D printer!

Medical models:

3D-Printed-Medical-Models3D printed medical models help doctors learn more about the complex behaviour of the human anatomy. It also helps surgeons with their accuracy when performing operations. Win win!

What are some other amazing things you can make with a 3D printer?

Just about anything! The only limit is your imagination and resources.

Where can I buy a 3D printer?

Although once thought of as something only engineers and scientists would have, 3D printers have hit the market and are now available to consumers. You can find some really great models that won’t break the bank on Amazon 3D Printers.

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