The stars have aligned and a robot duel is about to take place.

That’s right, the ultimate battle for robotic alpha supremacy is here!

Forget Transformers, forget Pacific Rim, watch the world’s first giant robots go toe to toe for real.

Japan has built a robot – the impressive Kuratas.

kuratas 1 gif

America has built a robot – the magnificent Mark II.

mega bot1

So naturally, a robot duel is in order!

Japanese company Suidobashi, has created an impressive 9,000-pound mechanical masterpiece, theKuratas. With V-sideo operating control system, Twin Gatling Gun firing 6,000 BB bullets per minute and automatic alignment to lock onto enemy targets, this robot means business.kuratas 2 gif

The single pilot robot has a top speed of 6 miles per hour, and can be operate via 3G networks. Perhaps the most best feature is that their weaponry fires when the pilot smiles – referred to as “The Smile Shot”.

America has called out Japan and has demanded a robot duel!

mega bot 2

America presents the Mark II: America’s first fully functional giant piloted robot. Not only have they made space for another pilot, in typical American fashion, they’ve added really, and we mean really, big guns. This 12,000-pound beast of gasoline powered fury can fire three pound cannonballs at over 100 miles an hour.

Japan has a message for America – we accept your challenge!

But on one condition: that melee combat be a part of the fight.

Japan is claiming that giant robots are a part of Japanese culture, and they will stop at nothing to retain this title. No country will take this away from them, so they have accepted the duel and have threatened to punch the Mark II to scrap.

kuratas 3This is getting real!

This is certainly one for mechatronic and robotic fanatics around the world and will go down in history as the world’s first giant robot battle, and probably the most epic duel of all time! Do not miss out on witnessing history being made.



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