Beams of light sighted all over the world

There have been reports across the globe of beams of light shooting down from the sky. But what exactly is it? Is it an illusion? A sign of extra-terrestrial life? Photoshop?

These beams of light have been spotted before all around the world, but never have there been so many reports come in around the same time frame.

What is the cause of this mysterious phenomenon and why is it occurring so often?

Images capturing the beams of light have flooded in from all around the world including Mexico, the United States and Italy.

The latest images have come from South Fort Myers, Florida, on the 15th of August, and from Civitavecchia, Italy, on the 10th of August.

Strange_Beam_collage1The photos have been analyzed on photo forensics and they don’t seem to have been Photoshopped.

However, many of the beams on the images have been confirmed as being from a camera glitch caused by the rolling shutter catching a strip of the image illuminated by a flash. Basically, one slice of the image was captured with flash, and the rest without.

But why did so many photos just all of a sudden appear and send the world’s conspiracy theorists into a frenzy?

Well one of the images went viral, which led to other people with the similar images sharing their photos online too.

So while some photos were captured years ago, some have only just been posted online leading some people to believe the beams of light are all occurring around the same time.

The beam of light over the Kukulkan Pyramid photographed by Hector Siliezar in 2009 is what initially set this off, but it didn’t actually really gain any attention until a few years later.

So conspiracy theorists and skeptics can relax, it was merely a dodgy camera shutter causing the extra-terrestrial like effect. Phew!


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