It’s been well known for some time that the west, including NATO and the United States, has been funding, arming and supporting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. This began with the well documented and admitted arming and funding of Syrian rebels, which were also known to be affiliated with Al Qaida at the time, to destabilize the Syrian government.

Now it seems like more information comes out each day on the wests heavy involvement in the creation and growth of the Islamic state. Many have come out to discuss the role the C.I.A. has played in the creation of the Islamic State and it is well known that stolen tanks, humvees and weapons left over from the Iraq war have been captured by these ruthless fighters.

The video above shows the conversation between this ISIS (Islamic State) fighter who was captured by YPG Kurdish fighters during the recent liberation of Sinjar and being interviewed by an Israeli journalist. The ISIS fighter talks about how ISIS get its support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other western countries.

Why does the United States and our allies continue to support the Islamic State in secret while the public department of defense war claims to be fighting and defeating them?

Many claim that this is part one of the Cloward and Piven strategy to destabilize not just the middle east put the entire world, while using terror to drive the political agenda.

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Also see what Rand Pauls has to say about the C.I.A.’s involvement with ISIS:

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