Ashley Madison hackers post stolen data:

Cheaters beware! The hackers that stole Ashley Madison customer information have followed through on their threat of making their haul available online for the whole world to see. So for those who have got some explaining to do, it might pay to come clean before your details get spotted!

Cyber_attack_thumb800The hackers, who call themselves “The Impact Team”, had released a threat in July to post subscribers information online unless the Ashley Madison website was taken offline.

Apparently, the hack came about after the company that owns Ashley Madison, Avid Life Media, informed its customers about a $19 service that can erase their details form the site completely. The hackers claim that Avid Life Media never actually erased customer information as promised.

The details of up to 32 million customers; including names, addresses, payments, and emails, have been posted online, dating back to 2008.

Ashley Madison is a website that facilitates extramarital affairs, brandishing the slogan “Life is short, have an affair”. It’s one of the most popular websites for married dating, and claimed to have almost 37 million subscribers when they were initially hacked about a month ago.

Although you’d think the majority of subscribers would be smart enough to not use their real name and address, their credit card information may just get them busted.

The hacked information has left many people red faced, with up to 15,000 emails from government departments included in the leaked data. Come on people! Using a work email is a rookie mistake.

Josh-Duggar-TwitterJosh Duggar, infamous member of the now cancelled reality TV show “19 Kids and Counting”, has been surrounded in controversy over reportedly molesting five young girls, four of which were his sisters. Josh Duggar has now been identified as a subscriber of Ashley Madison.

sam-niaSam Rader, one half of YouTube bloggers “Sam and Nia”, has also been caught up in the leak. Sam Rader hit the news recently after a video of him surprising his wife with her own pregnancy news went viral. Only days later they posted another video after Nia suffered a miscarriage. Now he’s back in the news as Sam’s information was also found amongst the leaked data! Sam has since confessed to opening an Ashley Madison account, but claims he never actually met up with anyone from the site.

The Impact Team have sad that the hack was fairly easy as the site had no security – not really something you want to her about a website that is helping you facilitate an affair. The Impact Team have also reported that they have more data they can release including employee emails and documents from their internal network.

Noel BidermanThey’ve already released 1GB of email correspondence belonging to Ashley Madison CEO, Noel Biderman, in a second wave of released data, after Biderman claimed the first release might not be authentic. The Impact Team accompanied this with the message “Hey Noel, you can admit it’s real now”. Ouch!its real now

They’ve compared the website to drug dealers who abuse their addicts, so clearly they’re not fans of the site or the activities it promotes.

Noel Biderman has since reveled they’re getting close to finding out who exactly is behind the cyber-attack, with forensic experts and security professionals on the case. They’ve suggested it was someone who had been involved in their technical services, but not actually considered an employee of Ashley Madison.

The website is reportedly now secure, and law enforcement agencies are following up with an investigation in to this act of cyber-terrorism.

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