Things you thought were illegal but actually aren’t:

Ever drove barefoot and thought, “surely this is illegal? I’m sure someone told me it was.” Well let’s take a look at the things you thought were illegal, but actually aren’t. Because laws can vary by state, and also by country, it can be sometimes difficult to come up with a comprehensive list that is applicable to everyone. But here’s a general list of the things you thought were illegal, that are actually completely legal.

Using a Police radar detector

radar detectorNot to be confused with radar jammers (which are very much illegal), radar detectors are illegal in all of the United States except Washington DC and Virginia, most of Canada and Australia and all of the united Kingdom and Russia.

Driving Barefoot

Driving BarefootWhile it’s legal in all 50 states, as well as Canada and the United Kingdom, some police officers will try ticket you for it anyway. They shouldn’t.

Defacing money

Defacing moneyGo ahead and draw stupid pictures on your bank notes. Give that important guy a moustache and a double chin. Totally legal. Just don’t try and add a few zeros to that $1 bill, cause that is illegal.

Gun silencers


While illegal in 11 states, there’s another 39 states that this is actually legal in. Hit men rejoice.

Flashing your lights to warn other drivers of speeding cameras

Flashing your lightsA Federal Judge has ruled that it is your First Amendment right to warn other motorists of speed cameras by flashing your lights. Thanks Judge.


CannibalismSurprisingly there is no law that criminalizes the act of cannibalism. But, most cases of cannibalism are associated with murder, which is obviously a crime. It is legal for someone to hack off some of their flesh and let you eat it, but it is illegal to commit a crime in order to partake in cannibalism. This is definitely the grossest entry on our list of things you thought were illegal, but aren’t. It definitely should be!

Owning a tiger

Owning a tigerIn Canada, and 14 states in the US, it’s legal to own a tiger, but you must have a permit for large cats. In another nine states, there are no restrictions whatsoever. There are currently at least 12,000 tigers in the United States that are owned privately. Considering the lack of restrictions on owning a tiger, we sure hope they have a sturdy enclosure!

 Owning a flamethrower

flame-thrower-1In the United Kingdom, you’ll face five years’ imprisonment for having a flame thrower in your possession. But there’s no federal law in the United States against owning or using a flamethrower.

Counting cards

Counting cardsDespite the various movies depicting this as illegal, it’s actually completely legal to count cards in the United States and in the United Kingdom. But just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean casinos will tolerate it. If you’re caught counting cards, you’ll most likely get tossed out.

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