Coke is going green with Coca-Cola Life

Coca-Cola is going green and is now available in a new green can! Exciting stuff? Not really. But it’s not just the can that’s different. The recipe has been switched up and now has a third fewer calories than regular Coke as well as less sugar.

It also has a fancy new name, Coca-Cola Life. It has been described by the Coca-Cola brand as a natural soft drink. But is it just the sugar that’s natural? Or are all the other ingredients natural too? We highly doubt it.

coke vs pepsiCoca-Cola has said the new product was born out of consumer demand for a healthy soft drink. A bit of an oxymoron, but it was actually most likely due to Pepsi releasing its new product Pepsi Next, which contains the same “natural ingredients”.

The new product is said to contain significantly less sugar than regular Coca-Cola because it has been sweetened with Stevia plant extract. But when you compare the calories and sugar levels to Diet Coke and Coke Zero, it doesn’t fare well.

One can of Coca-Cola Life contains 22 grams of sugar, quite a bit less than the 35 grams you’ll find in a can regular Coke. However, can it really compete with Diet Coke and Coke Zero who each offer almost zero calories?

(Let’s not forget the history and negative health effects behind aspartame found in Diet Code and Coke Zero)

Coca-Cola Life has 89 calories in a can – again quite a bit less than the 139 calories in a can of regular Coke. But once again substantially more than the one and a half calories in Diet Coke, introduced in 1983, and the one calorie found in Coke Zero, introduced in 2006.

So what does Coca-Cola Life taste like?

all the cokesWhile it doesn’t taste exactly like Coca-Cola, those that have tried the new product are pleasantly surprised; reporting the chemical after-taste left by the Coke Zero and Diet Coke has now gone. Drinking it is also reportedly a lot smoother, and leaves a minty after-taste.

Why the green can?

coke life stevia

It’s packaged in a slick new green can, as studies have shown that consumers perceive food items in green packaging to be a more healthy and cleaner option. Regardless of the green packaging and reduced sugar, Coca-Cola should still not be considered healthy. You know what’s a healthy option? Water.

There have been many articles online recently which have shown just how unhealthy Coca-Cola is for you, and the many worrying purposes it can be used for. Among these, cleaning the toilet, windows and blackboards, killing bugs, removing gum from your hair, fighting rust, and cleaning money all have us a tad concerned as to the effect it has on our insides.

But if these don’t put you off Coca-Cola, nothing will!

Despite Coca-Cola Life having fewer calories and less sugar than standard Coke, the jury is still out on weather Coca-Cola Life is actually good for you, or just “less” bad. Put it this way, it should not replace any glass of water you plan on drinking. It should still be treated as a normal Coca-Cola drink, in the sense that it is a treat, not a necessity.

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