Darth Vader vs Batman – Super Power Beat Down

Witness the colliding of two worlds in this video of Darth Vader battling it out with Batman in the ultimate super power beat down:

Darth Vader has captured Superman with the help of Boba Fett and a Kryptonite Light Saber. Many fear this intergalactic alliance will result in a power imbalance and force the enslavement of the universe.

The rest of the Justice League is tied up, so it’s up to Batman to rescue Superman, and save the universe from the Dark Side.

Batman approaches Darth Vader’s spacecraft undetected and swiftly identifies where Superman is being held. But before he rescues him, he needs to find the Kryptonite Light Saber.

batman vs darth 1 - super power beat down

Darth Vader is warned by one of his henchmen that there has been a breach in the armory, and knows exactly who it is.

Batman approaches what he thinks is Superman’s location, and is swiftly set upon by Darth Vader. Batman tries to fight, but Darth Vader is able to overpower each of Batman’s tactics.

And then out comes Darth Vader’s Light Saber. But wait, what’s that? Batman has a Light Saber too. Game on! Let the carnage begin.

bat vs darth 2 - super power beat down

A Light Saber battle ensues. The roof falls in. Batman is in trouble. Darth Vader throws him through the window and thinks that’s the end of it. But he ain’t seen nothing yet.

Batman conveniently falls into his own jet plane and shoots Darth Vader in the face with rockets. Brutal. Darth Vader’s helmet is smashed and his horrendous face is exposed. This is looking bleak for the Sith Lord.

Never fear. Amongst the dark cloud and debris, Batman reappears. Superman’s powers have returned and out of nowhere he blasts through the spaceship and spear-tackles Darth Vader into defeat. The ultimate super power beat down.

Thanks to Batman and Superman, the universe is safe. For now.

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