Take a look at these real deep sea creatures that look like aliens from another planet!

We’ve found the weirdest and wackiest deep sea creatures that really do exist! Thankfully, most of these alien looking creatures live deep down in the ocean and very seldom come close to the surface.

Zombie Worms

http://alphagalileo.org/AssetViewer.aspx?AssetId=72993&CultureCode=enZombie worms act like zombies in the movies – they feed on bones and carcasses. Instead of feeding on humans though, Zombie worms feed on the carcasses of dead whales on the sea-floor by producing an acid that dissolves the whale’s bones.

Blue Ringed Octopus

blue octAlthough the Blue Ringed Octopus are stunning in appearance, they are one of the most deadly creatures in the ocean. Several incidents of these creatures biting humans has been recorded, some of which sadly proved fatal.

Dragon fish

drangon fishThe Dragonfish is strikingly scary in appearance, although they only grow to about 6 inches long. These deep sea creatures have special organ in their body allowing them to produce light from their bodies to attract their prey. The Dragonfish definitely looks like something out of a sic-fi movie!


Barreleye fishThe Barreleye fish is one of the most interesting looking creatures on this list as they look like they have a built-in aquarium on their heads! Often referred to as “spook fish” these guys reside deep down in the ocean.

Goblin Shark

goblin-shark-nologoThe Goblin Shark truly lives up to it’s name. With a large protruding snout and masses of teeth pointing in all different directions, this shark is definitely not something you want to come across in the ocean.


AnglerfishYou may recognise this sharp-toothed terrifying creature from the movie Finding Nemo. The Anglerfish is another deep sea creature that produces light to lure in other fish to feed on, using a light hanging off the top of their heads.

Basking Shark

Cetorhinus_maximus_by_greg_skomalThe Basking Shark is the second largest living fish. Although they’re typically a plankton eating shark, their large mouth is big enough to swallow a human whole! So steer clear of these guys when they’re swimming around with their mouth open – which is always.

Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo OctopusThe cutest creature on the list by far, the Dumbo Octopus was named after the Disney movie Dumbo due to their ear-like fins on the side of their heads.


StonefishThese grumpy faced fish are a force to be reckoned with. This deep sea creature produces waves of poisonous spines when they feel threatened to fend of and injure predators.


snaggletooth-fish“Ugly” is a generous way to describe the Snaggletooth fish – these guys are hideous! They reside deep in the ocean and like other deep sea creatures on this list, they produce a light to attract and catch prey.

Blob Fish

Blob FishThe name of the Blob Fish is the perfect fit for this slimy creature that looks like a blob of goo with a melting face. They typically only grow to about 8 inches, but have been recorded to grow up to 6 feet!

Giant Squid

Giant squid thankfully live deep down in the ocean, and recent estimates have put the maximum size a female can grow to at 42 feet! Occasionally they have reached the surface and not surprisingly, scared many spectators who have witnessed their enormous size. No thank you, please stay in the ocean.

Giant Squid

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