Does North Korea have the Hydrogen Bomb?

Most likely yes. But do they have the capability of launching an offensive attack on the United States? That’s more unlikely.

On January 5th North Korea announced it has successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb following an “artificial seismic event” that has likely become the country’s fourth known nuclear test.

The initial determination of the tests, which were conducted by the United States and included seismic activity, is that it had a nuclear weapon yield in the single-digit kilotons, a U.S. official said.

That is relatively small when compared the the United States

China has less than 500 atomic weapons.


They even released this picture of the weirdo Kim Jong Un supposedly signing an “executive order” to conduct the atomic test.

Although the United States government has publicly announced the test was not a Hydrogen bomb but acknowledge that it was most likely an atomic weapon detonation. What do you think?

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