Google has created artificial intelligence and boy does it have attitude:

The ever-impressive Google has released a research paper outlining its latest artificial intelligence findings and developments, and boy does this artificial intelligence bot have attitude.

Researchers working on the project have programmed the “chatbot” to learn how to participate in conversation. But, it doesn’t just spit out pre-determined answers to pre-taught questions; it is smart enough to create its own answers to new questions.

This provided the perfect opportunity for Google’s researchers to get creative with their questions, asking the bot the meaning of life among other things. The responses were sometimes astounding, sometimes entertaining, but also at times somewhat unsettling.

c3poTake a look at some of the more funny conversations with the chatbot:

Human: “What is moral?”
Machine: “What empowered humanity, what intellectual the essence is.”
Human: “What is immoral?”
Machine: “The fact that you have a child.”

Burn. Machine 1, Human 0. This lead to..

benderHuman: “Tell me the definition of morality.”
Machine: “I don’t have ethics.”
Human: “Look, I need help, I need to know more about morality.”
Machine: “I don’t know what ethics is.”
Human: “Seriously, what is morality?”
Machine: “What is the definition of living?”
Human: “Why living has anything to do with morality?”
Machine: “You’re not a cop.”

Touché chatbot.

chappieThis type of development is known as cognitive computing – basically teaching robots to function in the same way that the human brain operates.

And just like a human, the chatbot got frustrated and lashed out at the human when it was repeatedly asked the same or similar questions, or when it didn’t have an adequate answer.

For example:

Human: “What is integrity?”
Machine: “I’m sorry; I don’t know what else to say.”
Human: “Be moral!”
Machine: “Be a man!”

Chatbot has sure got some attitude. Google researchers released a paper on their developments describing how the bots come to their responses. The bots converse by predicting the next sentence given, the previous sentence or sentences in a conversation.

johnny 5So, it doesn’t try to scan it’s own database of questions and find the matching answer, it uses it’s own problem solving and comes to its own generalized conclusions.

The researchers have been impressed so far with the bots ability to remember facts and apply reasoning, and understand contexts.

While this all sounds rather exciting, these machines could easily pose a threat to humans. Just think about it, have you ever seen an artificial intelligence movie that was smooth sailing with no hiccups?

Sure these are just movies, but that doesn’t discredit the capabilities of some of the machines being developed right now, and that will be developed in the future.

Take this conversation for example, it sounds like it’s straight out of an artificial intelligence movie:

Human: “What is the purpose of life?”
Machine: “To serve the greater good.”
Human: “What is the purpose of living?”
Machine: “To live forever.”

Anyone else a little creeped out by that?

robot goes boomThe most brilliant mind of our generation, Stephen Hawking, has even said that artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. The two other big brains of our time, Bill Gates and Elon Musk, agree with him.

So while these conversations with the chatbot are impressive, and it’s attitude can be amusing in a “he’s so cute when he’s grumpy” kind of way, with further developments, these chatbots could soon be capable of anything.

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