A Hard look at the Main Stream Media

Digital Vision released a report of the top media outlets for May of 2016. This showed the domination of the corporate mainstream media sources but also revealed a crack in the propaganda machine. That crack is the Drudge Report, a privately owned site that links important news articles to showcase what is happening in the world of news.

Many of us are familiar with the Drudge report but most are unaware of the extent of Matt Drudge’s reach. This report for May 2016 showed that they are in the third spot, beating out other sources like NBC, FOX and Google.

The video above discusses how the mainstream media has a long history of being in bed with the Government and we ask the question as to what extent does the government and corporations control the stories that we see on TV, hear on the radio and click on Facebook and Google. Let’s take a closer look at the mainstream media and some inconvenient facts.




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