Homemade Superman movies made with drones

Drones are changing the way we capture videos and photos for the better. Now we can make epic home movies that weren’t previously possible.

Lame home videos are a thing of the past. With a drone, amateur videography and photography is becoming more impressive by the day.

Using drones, a go pro and some creativity, a couple of superhero movies have emerged online. One video using a flying Superman figurine, and one using a real superman, racking up over 18 million views on YouTube!

2015-09-20 19_54_43These drones are helping artistic imaginations push the boundaries and turn their fan-boy/fan-girl ideas into a reality.

Just think of all the awesome home videos you could make with a drone. Why not recreate Godzilla, Transformers, or Jurassic Park? Go on, we can tell your inner fan-boy/fan-girl is getting giddy at the thought of the endless possibilities.

You don’t even have to make a movie with a drone. You could use it to spy on hot chicks playing beach volleyball, topless sunbathers or insanely ripped guys working out at the park.drone spys on girl

Ok that will probably get you in trouble. Don’t do that. But if they happen to end up in your shot while your filming some beautiful scenery then it just can’t be helped now can it?

You could even use your drone to get close to the action in a crazy police pursuit. Who needs a cameraman in an expensive helicopter when your drone can capture all of the exciting footage?

While you’re at it, you could sell your footage to news agencies for a pretty penny and viola! You now have an epic job chasing bad guys with a drone. You’re welcome.

But on a serious note, drones also come in handy with stuff like emergency situations, disaster relief and search and rescue operations.

Go get yourself a drone and start creating!

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