Is Donald Trump just Clinton’s Trojan Horse?

Is Donald Trump running a fake Presidential campaign to help Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid?

Well strangely, he’s currently dominating the Republican presidential primary polls. Yet he’s the only Republican candidate who has never held elected office, and seems only capable of insulting every person in America.

But apparently it’s all an act to help Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Surely this would explain why Donald Trump seems to be making a fool out of himself and the Republican Party ideals?

There are actually several arguments to support this theory:

trump world on fireFirstly, some argue that Donald Trump is not actually a Republican or a Conservative. Although currently registered as a Republican, he was previously registered as a Democrat.

As for being a Conservative, Trump actually has publically endorsed abortion rights and the Affordable Care Act, both of which conservative representatives oppose.

The second argument is that Donald Trump is actually on friendly terms with the Clinton’s, and secretly supports Hillary’s Democratic campaign.

He’s previously shared his admiration for the Clinton’s, and their daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Trump tweeted that Chelsea is an amazing woman, and “got the best of both parents”.

Trump also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 political campaign and to various other Clinton causes.

There have also been reports of Donald Trump receiving a phone call from Bill Clinton supposedly encouraging Donald Trump to play a larger role in the Republican Party.

A third argument is that he’s trying to destroy the chances of a Republican Party candidate taking office by humiliating the party’s integrity.

Donald Trump has changed his mind on amnesty, and healthcare and abortion; shifting stances and confusing voters.

illegalsHe’s intentionally offended the Latino and Hispanic community, calling them criminals and rapists; which is exactly the group of voters that the Republican Party is trying to gain support from in this election.

His antics have brought more attention to his outbursts and outrageous behavior than to other Republican candidates and their campaigns.

Their crusades are being overshadowed and forgotten about. It seems as though he is doing everything in his power to bring the party down, and foil any of the other candidate’s chances in the election.

And this is exactly the type of behavior that would boost Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming the first female President of the United States of America.

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