On February 13th, 2016 Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia passed away in Shafter, TX while on a vacation retreat. Judge Scalia was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Regan and has been a leader with conservative views.

The more important question is how will Judge Scalia’s death effect the lives of American’s?

The bigger answer is that it will likely have a huge effect on many controversal rulings. It’s well documented that both the establishment Democrats and Republicans are working in unison to filter power to the United Nations and the Corporations with bills like the Patriot Act and the TPP agreement. Although politics can influence the legislative and executive branch, the Supreme Court is usually the final line of defense against encroaching government on our liberties.

The death of Judge Scalia will have a huge impact since it now gives the democrat leaning judges the majority of the court. Minor cases such as the ruling in 2015 allowing gay marriage will continue, which is a good thing since it gives more freedom. The problem arises with the unending expansion of the federal governments power and Obama’s determination to continue to take executive action outside of law.

His new appointment will be the swing vote for many crucial decisions in the coming years. The only thing that is likely to happen is more government control, less liberty and now a liberal view on the foundation of the constitution.

We must be diligent in protecting and expanding our freedoms and put away the petty differences between us. These are distractions to the real issues at hand, the power the major corporations have in our lives and the unlawful actions of the Federal branchs of government.

Judge Scalia’s death comes with many questions but the overall feeling is we will continue to fly closer and closer to totalitarianism in the coming years unless the people stand up for our god given rights.

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