Life hacks to save money

There are so many quick and easy ways to save money. By making small changes, you’ll start to see your savings account swell! Take a look at our list of the ultimate life hacks to save money.

Buy from deal sites

There are some amazing deal sites available on websites like Groupon, Slickdeals and Daily Steals. You’ll find electronics, travel experiences and everything in between for a fraction of the price.


carpoolA ton of money can be spent on gas and parking when driving into work each day. Consider carpooling with a friend and you can split the costs and save money.

Drink more water

Approximately 75% of Americans are dehydrated – and a lot of us mistake thirst for hunger and subsequently end up spending more on food than we need to! Next time you feel a hunger pang coming on, grab your water bottle instead.

Eat vegetarian

vegetarian-bodybuildingEat meat free a few days a week and watch your grocery bill and your waistline shrink. Fill your plate with wholesome vegetables instead – you’ll probably save money on doctor’s visits as well!

Start a veggie garden

While we’re on the topic of vegetables, consider planting your own vegetables. You’ll always eat fresh and healthy veggies, and cut costs of getting to and from the grocery store.

Pay with cash

pay with cashStudies have shown that consumers spend less when they pay with cash than when they pay with a card. You’ll also save yourself some nasty account and credit card fees.

Cut down on hair appointments

Maintaining fabulous hair is expensive and it’s far too easy to spend a few hundred dollars per appointment. Try to space out the appointments further, or cut down on the expensive coloring and just opt for a cheap trim.

Visit the library

Library_1400_800Libraries truly are amazing places. You can take out books, magazines, DVDs and video games and save a stack of cash in the meantime.

Clear your cache

When buying flights online, clear your browsing history as airlines will often hike up the price a bit when they know you’ve been searching their fares regularly.

Shop way in advance

Unleash the bargain hunter within and snap up the best deals AFTER the holidays. Do your gift shopping for the next Christmas holidays a few days after the previous Christmas to save money – sometimes up to 90%!

DIY cleaning products

DIY cleaning productsChannel your inner Martha Stewart and making your own cleaning products at home. Mix citrus and vinegar to make the ultimate cost-effective chemical-free cleaning spray.

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