Buddha Boy – the boy with divine powerBuddha boy in tree

In what seems to be a modern miracle, a 15-year-old boy dubbed “Buddha Boy”, meditates in the Nepalese jungle without food or water for 10 months in 2005.

The young boy is from Ratanapuri village, in the Bara district, Nepal. His name is Ram Bahadur Bomjon, but is also known as Palden Dorje, Dharma Sangha, as well as “Buddha Boy” to the rest of the world.

Nepal is the birthplace of Buddhism, and Buddha Boy’s story is thought to be only possible through the spiritual power of Buddhism.

Buddha Boy began meditating on May 16, 2005, and gained worldwide attention in November that year. Soon after, crowds from all over the world trekked deep into the Nepalese jungle to see Buddha Boy for themselves.

Many claimed it was a fake, a gimmick, or an elaborate hoax for profit as his supporters have received thousands of pounds in donations.

But those who had filmed him for day’s straight to find some kind of explanation, walked away with none.

Buddha Boy has boosted tourism in the previously deserted area and became one of the top tourist attractions in Nepal.

Villagers in the area previously relied on farming, but set up stalls to serve the many tourists and visitors arriving to see the Buddha boy, selling merchandise and food.

Buddha Boy’s story has proved to be beyond a scientific explanation, and it can only be spiritual.

It is a shining example of the abilities of the human mind and body, mind over matter, and will change how we look at modern science.

Nepalese people have drawn pride and inspiration from his efforts and dedication to Buddhism.

Some of his supporters claim that he is a reincarnation of the Buddha, but he himself and many practicing Buddhists reject this, stating the Buddha cannot be reborn.

But how was he able to survive without food or water for so long? It has been documented that a human being survived for two and a half months without food or water before succumbing to starvation.

Buddha Boy - ram_bahadur_bamjan_meditating

Meditation has proven to lower your heart rate, breathing and also your metabolism, so your body does not need as much food to sustain you. But that doesn’t explain how he was able to forgo sustenance for 10 months.

Buddha Boy’s followers claim he lived on spiritual energy. Others have suggested he was practicing a type of ancient Buddhist technique of intense tummo meditation where you can feed on your breath and on the air.

Practicing tummo allows you to gain control over your body processes, make physical changes to your body, and change your body temperature.

A documentary crew filmed him for several days at a time to see if it was real. Over the period of eight hours of filming he didn’t even move a muscle.

He was surrounded by multiple barbed wire fences at a 25 meter and 50 meter radius, and sometimes suspiciously hidden from sight by his supporters.

During the following days filming the only change was a bead of sweat which ran down his face – apparently a side effect of tummo meditation.

The camera crew were unable to find any hidden food or pipes in the area that could be providing Buddha Boy with sustenance.

Buddha Boy has many things in common with Siddhartha, the Buddha. Siddhartha was born only 150 miles from where Buddha Boy meditates in the hollow of a tree.

He was also born to a mother with the same name as Buddha Boy (Maya Devi) and chose to meditate for six years under the same type of tree.

Buddha found enlightenment through meditation, which is what Buddha Boy was trying to achieve.

Gossip spread like wildfire at the site of Buddha Boy’s meditation, with some supporters claiming they saw him bitten by a poisonous snake on two occasions and required no medical attention.

Almost 60 people claimed to witness Buddha Boy spontaneously burst into flames on the 5th of January, 2006, almost eight months into his meditation.

Then on March 13, 2006, 10 months into his six year plan of meditation, he disappeared.

He’s been spotted various times in the years since, meditating, and at times causing controversy.

The town went back to its deserted state and the crowds disappeared. But the mystery of Buddha Boy remains and the debate over science and spirituality will continue.

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