Must have items to modernize camping

Now that it’s 2015 – it’s about time we modernize camping with a few handy gadgets. Sure half the fun of camping is getting out into the great outdoors and disconnecting from urban life. But in this digital age, having a few nifty gadgets can’t hurt! Take a look at these amazing must pack items to modernize camping.

Solar backpack

solar backpack

The ECEEN Solar powered hiking backpack has a 3.25 watt solar charger that you can use to power your smartphone, GPS, MP3 player and external battery pack. The ultra-light and ultra durable design means it’s water and rip resistant, and also the perfect size to take on flights and fit under a seat. It folds up into a little pouch so you can pack it into other bags until it’s needed.

Bug off bracelet

bug off bracletKeeping mosquitos and other annoying bugs at bay in the woods can be a difficult task. Traditional bug sprays are incredibly potent, toxic and can sting on your skin. Now there’s a better solution. The ArtNaturals Mosquito repellant bracelet is a deet free, non-aerosol spray technology with all natural ingredients. It provides 24-hour protection and wraps comfortably around your wrist. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, 2 free refills and up to 2 weeks of mosquito control with each refill!

Let there be light

led work lightThe LOFTEK 10 Watt LED is a portable outdoor work light has a detachable and long lasting rechargeable battery. It’s charged by a standard power source or car power and is super bright with low energy consumption. It can also charge your smart phone via a USB port.

Power pack

power packPerfect for flights, road trips and of course camping and hiking, the KMASI Dual USB is a portable external extended battery power bank. Charge your cellphone with ultra-high battery density, even allowing for multiple device charging through dual USB ports.

Clean water

lifestrawClean water is especially important on camping trips or even being in a foreign country. The Lifestraw Go Water Bottle filters up to 264 gallons of water down to 0.2 microns. It also removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and waterborne protozoan parasites. There’s no awful after-taste, no chemicals or iodine and is made of durable BPA-free tritan.

Weather radio

weather radioThe Midland portable emergency weather radio is tough enough to withstand the great outdoors. It uses SAME technology to receive alerts and warnings and has a weather scan to find strongest NOAA broadcast. It comes with 3 alert options – tone, voice, visual, and can store up to 9 county codes.

Cut anything!

pocket sawSOS Gear pocket chain saw is the ultimate survival tool in the wild. This handsaw has an embroidered camouflage pouch, compact size, snap closure and belt loop for easy access. It’s perfect for camping, hunting, fishing and backpacking. You can use it to collect branches for a fire or shelter. This is a must have item not only to modernize camping but also to add to your emergency supply.

Charge your phone with fire

fire chargerYou read that right – you can charge your phone with fire! Using the BioLite Wood Burning campstove, you can power most USB chargeable devices including your phone. Just 20 minutes of charging will give you about an hour of talk time on your phone. You can of course use it to boil water as well. It also has an internal starter battery, which helps to kick-start the fire before the stove begins generating its own power, smart huh?

Hot shower anyone?

summer showerLove camping but crave a nice hot shower? Well, grab yourself an Advanced Elements 5 gallon summer shower and you’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of a hot shower on your next camping trip. It’s powered by solar technology and has a water temperature gauge, a side pocket for soap and nifty velcro straps for wash cloths. This is a must have item to modernize camping.

The easiest tent to set up

airlift tent for glampingThere’s two types of people in this world; those who enjoy pitching a tent, and those who hate it. For those that hate it, are useless at it, or just don’t want to spend forever and a day trying to figure it out, get yourself a Kelty tent Airlift 4. This magical tent sets up in under a minute thanks to AirPitch technology. It has inflatable AirPoles that blow up quickly with a pump and Hey Presto! You have a tent.

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