Prescott Bush – Grandpa was a traitor

Prescott Bush has a familiar last name – he’s the Grandfather of former President George W. Bush and his Presidential hopeful brother, Jeb Bush. He was also a successful investment banker and United States Senator.

But more scandalously, he was also reportedly a traitor, financially supporting Adolf Hitler’s rise to power before and during World War II and using concentration camp prisoners as slave labor.

As a Wall Street financier and banker, Prescott Bush was known to have funneled millions of dollars of gold, fuel, steel and US treasury bonds to Hitler’s Nationalist Party, also known as the Nazi Party, during the 1930’s and early 1940’s.

Prescott Bush was a partner and shareholder of several companies including investment bank Brown Brothers Harriman and Co (BBH), and the Union Banking Corporation (UBC).

German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, controlled the Union Banking Corporation. He was a known financier of the Nazi Party – he even wrote a book about it, titled “I Paid Hitler”.

In 1942, The United States Government seized the assets of several of these companies under the Trading With The Enemy Act including the Union Banking Corporation.

Another company that Prescott was involved in was the Silesian-American Corporation (SAC). This company owned several industrial works in Poland, including a steel plant in the same district as Auschwitz.

Shockingly, the Silesian-American Corporation used concentration camp prisoners from Auschwitz as slave labor during World War II.

There have also been claims that Prescott Bush, along with other investment bankers and influential power-brokers, were planning to overthrow President Franklin Roosevelt in a fascist takeover and adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini.


There have been rumors and gossip about Prescott Bush and his financial support of Hitler’s Nazi Party for some time, but declassified documents show that these rumors were based on fact.

The dealings of his businesses have led to civil action for damages from former Auschwitz prisoners more than 60 years after the businesses assets were seized.

Several books were also written and published by Journalists investigating the claims as well as a former US attorney who prosecuted Nazi war criminal sin the 1970s. Each of the books details the involvement of Prescott Bush and his business dealings in relation to Hitler’s wartime activities and finances.

The family of Prescott Bush of course denies all claims, but the evidence and the attempted cover up beg to differ.

The founder of the Bush family political dynasty looks to have built his family’s wealth and political reputation on dirty money and unethical tactics. This is sure to tarnish their name despite their ignorant dismissals of the claims.

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