Technology is getting out of hand

Technology changes they way we live our lives, but is it for the better? There are some gadgets that while somewhat impressive, they can sometimes just be totally unnecessary.

Although technology can improve and enhance our lives, there are some gadgets which are just plain useless. From a smartphone controlled paper plane, to a laser guided pizza cutter, or even a fork that tells you when you’re eating too fast, technology is getting out of hand and over the top.

Exhibit A:

Segway cameraman crashes into Usain Bolt

usain bolt taken out by over techSomeone was finally able to stop Usain Bolt in his tracks, but who would have thought it would be a clumsy cameraman on a Segway?

Usain Bolt embarked on his victory lap moments after taking the title for the 200-meter sprint at the World Athletics Champs in Beijing. Then suddenly a rogue Segway made a beeline for Usain’s ankles and he was swiftly swept off his feet. Ouch!

Although it’s common knowledge that Segways look pretty lame, deep down we all secretly want to give one a whirl. But give it a good thought before you jump on – these things are lethal.

George W Bush fell off his Segway, as did Ellie Goulding. The creator of the Segway even died in a Segway accident! The irony.

Segways are one of those gadgets that we really don’t need and proves that technology is getting out of hand. Why don’t we just use our legs instead?

But all is not lost. We give you:

The high-tech Transformers cake

hi tech cake OprimeBaking meets robotics in this extreme Transformers birthday cake. One lucky six-year old had a Transformers-themed birthday party and his father whipped up this feat of engineering. It’s insane.

But what are they going to do for his next birthday? Whatever it is, the kid is bound to be disappointed, as this cake is just so ridiculous it can never be outdone.

Although completely excessive, this is a case of technology done right.

This guy definitely gets Dad of the year.

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