Teenager Invents New Space Propulsion System

EgyptianmagesAn Egyptian 19-year-old physics student, Aisha Mustafa, has patented a new space propulsion system for a spacecraft. This new system can send spacecrafts into other solar systems without using any fuel, using quantum physics instead of thrusters.

This new system will transform and redefine how we facilitate and resource space travel, and allow for further exploration that has so far been impossible to achieve.

Her invention challenges the idea that space is not a vacuum, and is instead filled with rolling sea of particles and anti-matter particles that only exist for a small period of time before they destroy each other.

Aisha believes she can exploit these particles to create propulsion, and therefore eliminate the need for thrusters and fuel.

The young physicist has identified a way to harness the particles, called the dynamic Casimir effect.

Casimir-effect-e1338385811394Using a “moving mirror” cavity, where two flat plates are held close together, then manipulated to interact with the particles. This creates a net force, which is able to propel and power a spacecraft.

Spacecraft traditionally create propulsion through engines that are powered by burning chemical fuels. Although this has been pretty effective so far, it is a very expensive method and can limit exploration in outer space.

Aisha’s compelling space propulsion system will tear down space exploration boundaries and create exciting new opportunities for space travel.

Aisha’s invention is not only more reliable than traditional methods, it is lighter and cheaper and therefore will lower the cost of space travel.

Aisha has already received a patent for her space propulsion system with help from her University, and she intends to continue working on her design before testing it out in space.

Unfortunately there is no funding for space science in Egypt, nor is there a space agency, but it shouldn’t be long until she finds some wealthy investors to fund her exciting new invention.

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