10 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

Losing your virginity can be an awkward and painful experience, but not so much if there’s a stack of cash waiting for you at the end of it. We found ten young women who auctioned off their virginities for money, and while we’re sure these aren’t the only girls to do so, they sure are the most expensive virginities we’ve heard of. Take a look at the 10 most expensive virginities ever sold:

  1. Rosie Reid

    virginity-rosie-reid-400x470In 2004, Rosie Reid, and 18 year old from London auctioned off her virginity to a 44 year old divorced engineer for 8,400 pounds. Her lesbian lover waited outside the door while they were “signing the paperwork”.

  2. Alina Percea

    Alina PerceaAn 18 year old from Romania, Alina Percea sold her virginity in 2009 to pay for her computing degree. The buyer was a 45-year-old Italian man, who paid £8,800 for her “service”, as well flying her to Venice for their date.

  3. Shatuniha

    ShatunihaShatuniha, a Siberian teenager, placed an ad in the paper to sell her virginity claiming she was “new and not used”. She was paid 900,000 Roubles (US$28,000) from an anonymous bidder.

  4. Unigirl

    unigirlIn 2010, a student from New Zealand going by the name of Unigirl auctioned her virginity. She received over 1,200 bids with a final price of $32,000 that she said would be put towards her studies.

  5. Cathy Cobblerson

    Cathy CobblersonCathy Cobblerson broke virginity auction records (apparently that’s a thing?) in 2004 when she placed her virginity on eBay for $100,000. The 24-year-old then had her ad taken down from the site, and it is unclear if she ran another auction elsewhere.

  6. Catarina Migliorini

    Catarina-MiglioriniA 20-year-old Brazlian student, Caterina Migliorini placed her virginity up for auction in 2012. A Japanese man placed the winning bid of $780,000, but failed to follow through. She ran a second auction with the highest bid reaching just over $400,000. She is reportedly mulling this over while also considering a marriage proposal from an Arab millionaire.

  7. Elizabeth Raine

    Elizabeth RaineElizabeth Raine (not her real name), a medical student in the U.S., tried to auction her virginity on a flashy website, complete with terms and conditions and legal clauses. She promised to donate 35% to a charity, and after reaching $800,000 in bids, she decided to cancel the auction. She claimed she would prefer to focus on her medical studies. Other reports claimed she was unable to find a high enough bidder after the first one fell through.

  8. Graciela Yataco

    Graciela YatacoA model from Peru, Graciela Yataco was responsible for supporting her Mother and Brother, and paying for her Mother’s medical bills. At 18 years old, Graciela auctioned her virginity and received a top bid of $1.3 million in 2005. The price tag of Graciela’s auction was one of the most expensive virginities, and was also one of the first to crack a million bucks.

  9. Raffaella Fico

    Raffaella FicoItalian model, 20-year-old Raffaella Fico placed her virginity up for auction in 2009 to buy a house and pay for acting classes. She scored $1.8 million in the auction! If you thought that was expensive, the number one spot on our list of the most expensive virginities will blow you away!

  10. Natalie Dylan

    Natalie DylanIn 2008, 22-year-old Natalie Dylan wanted to auction off her virginity to pay for her Master’s Degree. The top bid came in at $3.7 million! She apparently turned down the bid in the hopes of a better offer, which caused rumors to circulate that the whole thing was a hoax. Still, this has got to be one of the most expensive virginities we’ve ever heard of!

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