The truth about police shooting statistics:

Do you want to know the truth about police shooting statistics? Well, there’s no comprehensive set of statistics recorded by the police for every person they shoot or kill. How is this possible? Why isn’t this something they record?

Maybe it is actually recorded, but it’s kept from the public because the police know everyone would be mortified to see the results. Well we did some digging so we could share with you the truth about police shooting statistics.

There’s actually several websites such as Mapping Police Violence, Fatal Encounters and Regressing that have asked people to add to their databases of police shooting statistics and the frequency in which they use deadly force.

police shootings gifThe Guardian has also set up their own database called “The Counted”, which has recorded 731 people killed just this year. The Guardian has also reported that the United States Police Force kill more people in days than other countries do in years.

For example, in England and Wales, there was 55 fatal police shootings in the last 24 years. Meanwhile in America, there were 59 fatal police shootings in the first 24 days of this year.

The Counted breaks the deaths down by month. You can actually see the faces of the people who have fallen victim to the deadly use of force by police. It’s chilling.

It seems to be almost every week that new cases come to light of unarmed American’s are being shot and killed by police officers. And not only are they killing Americans, they’re getting away with it with little or no accountability.

The majority of police shootings are completely unjustified. Take James Boyd for example, a homeless man that was killed by police for illegal camping. How was this justified? It wasn’t.sholdnt have to worry

The majority of those killed are either African American or Hispanic/Latin American, suffering from mental illness, or from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Basically, they are the most vulnerable and most discriminated against men in America. And it is mostly men – in fact 96% of those killed by police are men.

These killings are gaining international media attention, and communities are rightfully up in arms about the number of brothers, fathers, and sons that are being taken too soon.

Riots and protests have taken place across the country in a bid to end the deadly violence, but the killings continue.

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