The scary reality of celebrity photoshop

Take a look at how this already beautiful woman, was retouched to the point of no longer being recognizable.

She looked like a celebrity on the cover of a magazine. Funny that, because celebrities don’t even look like that in everyday life.

touch ups in photshop1But celebrities just seem so perfect, don’t they? Gracing glossy magazine cover after magazine cover looking like a million bucks, with endless photos of perfect skin with not a wrinkle or cellulite dimple in sight.

Sadly, this has become our new normal, and anyone who doesn’t fit this bill is considered unattractive, out of shape or just not good enough.

touch ups in photoshop 2However, most of the images of celebrities and models that we’re exposed to have been digitally enhanced or photoshopped. Celebrity photoshop techniques are rife among the fashion, beauty and entertainment industry and is distorting what is expected in our society.

These celebrities have been edited to have tiny waists and enviable figures. This has only intensified body perception issues and eating orders among impressionable young women.

Some consumers even take drastic measures to look like the celebrities they see in magazines including expensive and dangerous beauty procedures and plastic surgery.

Fashion and beauty companies use celebrity photoshop techniques to convince consumers that they too can look like the celebrities in their advertising. Sadly, “results” have really been achieved by digital enhancement.

before and after in photoshopIn this day and age, we’re slowly but surely becoming more accepting of bodies of all shapes and sizes. Yet the photoshopping of celebrity images continues to tell everyday consumers that we are still not good enough.

While some magazines have claimed that digital editing is acceptable because readers generally expect the images to be photoshopped anyway, consumers really have no idea just how much editing and retouching has been performed.

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