Top tips to being a gentleman

So you want to be a gentleman? We don’t blame you – everybody loves a gentleman! Read our top tips to being a gentleman and prepare to dazzle everyone with your wit, charm and style.

A gentleman is polite and treats everyone with respect:DbYec8I

Being a gentleman means treating people with respect at all times. This includes opening and holding doors open for other people, doing people favours, and just being an all round polite and likeable person.

A gentleman will never overshare:

bruce wHalf the appeal of a gentleman is his mysterious charm. He will never share too much about himself, and leave people wanting to know more. Being a gentleman means enquiring more about other people – get to know what type of person they are and leave them puzzled about yourself. Like Bruce Wayne. Everyone wants to know more about Bruce Wayne.

A gentleman is well groomed and well presented:

suit up gifIt’s important to maintain a high level of dress standard, and keep your facial hair tidy. Gentlemen dress well and their appearance reflects their self confidence. Gentleman dress to impress, so invest in a dashing suit.

A gentleman always has witty remarks and clever jokes on hand:jamie foxx

Gentlemen dazzles others with their well-timed jokes and witty one-liners. Have a few of these up your sleeve to whip out when the occasion calls for it.

A gentleman has a firm handshake that commands respect:hand shake

Being a gentleman also requires using a firm handshake when meeting others to show that you are a confident person who will not bow down. Not too firm a grip however, you don’t want to cut off their circulation or break their finger – although this would show your impressive strength.

A gentleman will never use vulgar language:

exsy winkGentlemen are intelligent with a wide vocabulary. They are above using vulgar language to get their point across or to win an argument. Instead, they let their smarts and intellectual abilities prove their point.

A gentleman always starts the conversation:

james bond shakenA gentleman never waits for someone to approach him to start a conversation. Their self confidence and smarts means they always start the conversation and break the ice.

A gentleman makes everyone feel special:top hat kid

A gentleman will go out of his way to make a person feel special and interesting when he engages in conversation with them. Say things like “Wow, you’re so funny/amazing/interesting” and people will go weak at the knees for you.

A gentleman will never resort to physical violence:

Another tip to being a gentleman is to be diplomatic and use your intellect to resolve issues. Although gentlemen are in shape and well built, they don’t need to resort to using their strength to solve problems with a difficult person.

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