Useless facts that will make you more interesting at parties

Heading off to a party where you won’t know anyone? Want to make a good impression so you don’t end up standing by the punch bowl the whole evening looking at your shoes? Well then read up on this list of totally useless facts that will make you more interesting at parties! With this list up your sleeve, you’ll sound like the most intelligent and witty person in the room and everyone will be dying to hear more.

Our list of useless facts that will make you more interesting at parties:

Liquid cocaine

Cocaine cokeThe original recipe for Cola-cola contained cocaine. Say what! Now wonder that liquid sugar is so gosh darn addictive.

Your french fry dreams are about to be crushed

French fries are originally from Belgium. That’s right, your whole life has been a lie.

Put that coffee down

Apples are more effective at waking you up in the morning than coffee. So the next time someone complains about not having their morning coffee yet, throw an apple at their face. That should wake them up. Okay just kidding, they’re supposed to eat it. Obviously.

Self grooming Giraffes

Giraffes toungeA giraffe’s tongue is so long (21 inches in fact!) that it can be used to clean their ears. Slightly gross, yet somehow impressive?

In a jiffy!

Do you know someone that says “I’ll be there in a jiffy”? What is a jiffy? How long is a jiffy? How long am I actually expected to wait for you and said jiffy? Well to clarify, a ‘jiffy’ is actually 1/100th of a second. So by the time somebody says “I’ll be there in a jiffy”, they should already be there!

Are we really surprised by this one?waynes world

The movie Wayne’s World was filmed in just two weeks. This actually explains a lot.

Dude really does look like a lady

Aerosmith’s hit song “Dude Looks Like a Lady”, was penned about Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil, who the band mistook to be a woman due to his long luscious locks. That could have become awkward.

Swear on my what?

If you were to testify in court, and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, would you swear on your testicles? Well interestingly enough, the word ‘testify’ came about in an era where men were made to do just that!

Plastic not so fantastic

plastic oceanA haunting fact, every piece of plastic ever made still exists. Make you want to become more environmentally friendly? We don’t blame you.

In case you didn’t know – Dragons are dangerous

A Komodo Dragon’s sense of taste is so strong, it can taste another animal from over 2 miles away. Note to self, stay at least 2 miles away from a Komodo Dragon at all times.

Noodle bath

ramen-noodle-bathEver wanted to soak in a bowl of ramen? Of course you have. Well now you can! A spa house in Japan offers keen bath goers the chance to soak in ramen noodles.

Belly rub

The word “Samba”, as in the name of the latin dance style, actually means “to rub navels together”. Yup, rub them belly buttons together and you’ll look like a pro.

Get the laughs

30rock jack Calculations have shown that the tv show “30 Rock” uses an average of 9.5 jokes per minute. Watch the show, steal some jokes, and be that guys with the classic one liners at the party.


Ming-an-ocean-quahog-Scientists accidentally killed the oldest living creature on the planet while they were trying to study it. Nice one.

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