We couldn’t handle the cuteness of these furry friends:

Alright, put that tedious work stuff away, you’ve done plenty of work already – it’s time you took a well deserved break! We’ve got your daily dose of cuteness to perk up your afternoon. These cute critters and adorable animals will have you saying a collective “awwww!”. We just couldn’t handle the cuteness of these furry friends and they’re bound to have you smiling for the rest of the day.

  • The Easter Bunny with the newest recruits


  • The first rule of baby bear fight club is: do not talk about baby bear fight club

    baby black bear-cuteness of these furry friends

  • Is it Friday yet?

    bunny falls asleep 2

  • Holy cow, is that a tail?

    cat attacks butt hole 2

  • Higher.. higher.. that’s the spot

    chinchill 2-cuteness of these furry friends

  • If anyone needs me I’ll be in my blanket

    cozy dog

  • Please can you shine another laser on the floor? I almost got it last time

    cute-animal-desktop-wallpaper-cuteness of these furry friends

  • This adorable foal is exhausted after a long day being so darn cute

    cute-animals-30-cuteness of these furry friends

  • The sweetest of friends

    dog and buddy

  • Dog burrito! 

    dog burrito 2-cuteness of these furry friends

  • Hey, why is there a hole in my bone? 

    dog licks bone 2

  • Play time, play time! I mean nap time, nap time!

    dog slide 2-cuteness of these furry friends

  • Whatever that is, I want some

    smily the ugly dog-cuteness of these furry friends

  • ‘Cause this is thriller…thriller night

    meanwhile in Aussy

  • I thought this was the express service?

    goat rides a turtle-cuteness of these furry friends

  • These baby pandas are just the cutest!

    panda-cuteness of these furry friends

  • He didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose him

    puppy pugs

  • Hello human, would you like a cuddle?

    sloth in box-cuteness of these furry friends

  • No? Alright then, this cat will do

    sloth loves cat-cuteness of these furry friends

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