What does financial success look like in your 20s?

These young entrepreneurs, athletes and actors are enjoying their financial success and boy have they got it made. But it took talent and hardwork to get to where they are now. With bulging bank accounts, these people can have what ever they want, whenever they want.

So what does financial success look like in your twenties?

ZuckerbergWell, a net worth of $42 billion if you’re Mark Zuckerberg. At only 31 years old, the Facebook CEO is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. But the self-made billionare was raking it in long before he hit his thirties. Together with his Harvard roomates, Zuckerberg started Facebook in his early twenties and watched his financial success develop.

taylor-swiftTaylor Swift is a twenty five year old force to be reckoned with. The country music / pop star hybrid made $80 million in 2015 thanks to her music sales, 1989 album world tour and endoresement deals with Keds, Sony and Diet Coke.

Evan SpiegelEvan Spiegel is officially the world’s youngest billionare. The twenty five year old Snapchat CEO has a net worth of $2.1 billion and is rumoured to be dating supermodel Miranda Kerr. Ahh.. the perks of being a billionare.

jennifer_lawrenceJennifer Lawrence is reportedly worth $52 million. The American actress has made a name for herself in Hollywood with breakout performances, and is now waging a war with the gender pay gap she and many other actresses have experienced. Although this gap was made apparent through the Sony Hack, there are still many women doing better than their male counterparts in a variety of industries.

durant9Kevin Durant also knows what financial success looks like. Having signed a $300 million deal with Nike in 2014, the Basketball star will be living the high life for a very long time. His $19 million salary from the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise and $35 million in endorsements are the cherry on top of his burgeoning wealth.

justin-bieberAlthough the public and the media have a love hate relationship with Justin Bieber, his bank account still gets the love. With a net worth of over $200 million, the Canadian pop star loves to flash his wealth by spending up large on big ticket items like a private jet that came with a $60 million price tag.

Derrick-RoseDerrick Rose is another Basketball star with a healthy bank account. Estimated to be worth around $70 million, the twenty seven year old is pretty early in his career. He has endorsement deals with Powerade and Skullcandy, and signed a 13-year deal with Adidas worth $185 million.

The majority of us are too short or tone deaf to see the success that some of the people on this list have expereinced. But that doesn’t mean its all over.

The reason these people became so successful and so wealthy is that they saw opportunities and they went for it. They’ve also been smart with their money, investing in various ventures that will set them up for when they retire from their current careers.

These people are dedicated, work hard and never give up. These are lessons that everyday people working nine to five jobs can make use of to ensure their own financial success.

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