Cecil the Lion shot by American Dentist

Animal lovers around the world are furious about yet another beautiful animal being pointlessly slaughtered in the name of trophy hunting. This time it was the beloved and famous Cecil the Lion, who was shot with a bow and arrow, tracked for a further 40 hours, then killed, skinned and beheaded.

Cecil the Lion was popular with visitors to the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, where he was supposed to be protected. His six young cubs are now without a father and his large lion pride are without a leader.

celis and dentistIt has been revealed the man behind this atrocity is Walter Palmer, an American dentist with a passion for murdering beautiful and majestic animals. He paid a reported US$50,000 for the experience.

Walter Palmer, and two others who arranged the hunt, illegally lured Cecil about half a mile out of the Hwange National Park and into nearby hunting grounds by dragging a dead animal from their vehicle. Cecil was not killed by the original arrow, and suffered for a further 40 hours before he was shot again.

They then removed his tracking collar to try and hide their crime. Cecil the Lion has been tracked by researchers by GPS for as many as nine years. The man who monitored Cecil, Brent Stapelkamp, says his death with have serious repercussions for his orphaned cubs.

Cecil the Lion’s cubs are being cared for by their uncle, Jericho the Lion. Sadly, they are all in grave danger as other males will be fighting to become the new leader of the pride. The lives of Jericho, and the orphaned cubs are now all at risk.

Stapelkamp has also said that as many as a dozen other lions have been illegally killed in recent years but that no-one has been held accountable to these crimes.

Cecil the Lion was an icon to Zimbabwe, and his absence will be placing a huge strain on the tourism industry as he was a major draw card for people to visit the area.

Walter Palmer has since returned to the United States and is facing masses of criticism and outrage, and has now gone into hiding. There are also protesters now camping outside his home.

It has been reported that his personal contact numbers have been released with people jumping at the chance to leave him a piece of their minds on his answering machine. Protesters are also calling for a boycott of his dentistry business, and many are leaving scathing reviews slamming his activities on his company’s Yelp listing.

The two other men are now facing poaching charges in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean Government are now calling for Walter Palmer’s extradition to face charges as well.

This isn’t Walter Palmer’s first experience hunting animals. Shocking photos have been released showing Walter Palmer posing with and holding the lifeless bodies of other casualties of his sick activities such as rhinoceros, leopards and bears. He’s boasted about these “trophies” and shared many photos of his hunting trips online.

Walter Palmer has since issued an apology to his patients. That’s right his patients. Not to the National Park where he lured their most prized and popular resident out of their protection, not to animal lovers around the world, not to the animal kingdom which he is destroying with each hunt.

Walter Palmer has rightfully been described by many as a coward, and a poor excuse of a human being by many celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Debra Messing and Olivia Wilde.

Shocking reports are now emerging that Cecil’s brother Jericho has been killed by poachers. While this has not yet been confirmed, it’s an unnerving revelation that many are hoping to be untrue.

If there is a silver lining to all of this, it’s that this horrible incident has rallied many people around the world to stand up to this atrocious activity to try put an end to trophy hunting for good.

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