Top Gear moves to Amazon with a $250 million budget

The popular trio and former hosts of BBC’s hit show Top Gear are moving to Amazon. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have all signed on to present a brand new show on Amazon’s streaming service.

the-presenters-of-top-gear-are-making-a-new-tv-show-for-amazonJeremy Clarkson’s infamous dispute at a hotel in North Yorkshire with a BBC producer resulted in his contract not being renewed, and his co-hosts soon followed suit. Reports emerged the dispute was in fact a prolonged verbal assault on producer Oisin Tymon, due to Jeremy Clarkson hearing there was no hot food a the hotel. Poor Jeremy.

log breaks windowThe yet to be named show will also have former executive producer of Top Gear, Andy Wilman, behind the wheel (scenes).

Jeremy Clarkson has described his departure from the BBC and shift to Amazon as feeling like he’s “jumped out of a bi-plane and into a spaceship”. Sounds like he is pretty chuffed with his new job.

airplane loopThe new show has a reported budget of $250 million for 36 episodes – do the math and that works out to almost $7 million per episode! The hosts have said they are looking forward to creating a show from scratch without being told what they can and can’t do. Well with a budget like that, there’s almost nothing they can’t do!

top gear introThe rumors about their new show have been circulating for months, and while their contracts state they cannot work for another UK broadcaster for two years, their deal with Amazon conveniently isn’t affected.

Talks around who will replace the hosts on their old show Top Gear continue, with rumors swirling that Formula 1 driver Jensen Button will be taking one of the empty seats.

maxresdefaultIf one thing is for sure, the trio’s new show will without a doubt be one of the most highly anticipated shows of 2016.

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