21 Yoga poses you should be doing

Practicing yoga is great for your overall health and wellbeing, as well as improving your energy levels and nervous system. Take a look at the 21 yoga poses you should be doing to invigorate your body and achieve optimal health!

  • Downward Facing Dog

    downyard dog yoga poseOne of the most widely practiced yoga poses, the Downward Facing Dog works to calm and relax your body.

  • Mountain

    mountain yoga poseThe Mountain pose is another foundational pose, and is the starting point of many other yoga poses. The Mountain pose will improve your stability, and posture.

  • Chair

    chair yoga poseThe Chair pose strengthens and stretches your arm and leg muscles, and also stimulates your heart.

  • Triangle

    triangle yoga poseUnlike many other yoga poses, the Triangle pose requires you to keep your eyes open in order to keep your balance. The Triangle pose will strengthen your legs, arms, and chest and reduce back pain and stress.

  • Tree

    tree yoga poseThe Tree pose also requires you to keep your eyes open to maintain your balance, and is the perfect pose to feel rejuvenated. This pose will open your hips and clear your mind, helping to improve your concentration.

  • Bridge

    bridge yoga poseThe Bridge pose is a favourite for those looking to lose weight. The Bridge pose opens your chest and shoulders, and massages the thyroid gland which regulates your metabolism.

  • Bound Angle

    bound angle yoga poseOne of the best hip opening poses, the Bound Angle pose will stimulate your nervous and respiratory systems.

  • Supported Child’s Pose

    supporting child poseA restful and restorative yoga pose, the Supported Child’s pose will gently release your lower back and relive stress and built up tensions in your body.

  • Wide-legged Forward Fold

    wide legged foward foldThe Wide-legged Forward Fold will strengthen your ankle joints and your leg muscles, stretch your hamstrings and calves, and open your and hips while protecting your lower back.

  • Low Lunge

    low lunge yoga poseThe Low Lunge pose is perfect for athletes, especially those who undertake a lot of running. This pose treats soreness and pain in your lower body including muscle tightness and cramps.

  • Standing Pigeon

    standing pigeon yoga poseThe Standing Pigeon pose is the perfect yoga pose if you’re after a deep hip stretch. This pose also stretches your back and ankles and will increase your body’s range of motion.

  • Shoulder Stand

    shoulder standing toga poseAnother yoga pose that stimulates your thyroid gland, and subsequently your metabolism, the Shoulder Stand is a great pose to assist in weight loss. The Shoulder Stand pose also helps to relieve stress, improve digestion and strengthen your legs, butt and abs.

  • Cat-cow

    cat cow yoga poseThe Cat-cow will improve the flexibility of your spine and the strength of your abdominals. It works to prevent back pain and maintain a healthy and supported spine.

  • Standing Forward Bend

    standing forward bend poseA calming pose, the Standing Forward Bend helps to relieve stress and depression, thoroughly stretch your hamstrings, calves, and hips and improves digestion.

  • Seated Forward Bend

    seated forward pose bend yoga poseThe Seated Forward Bend is very similar to the Standing Forward Bend, except performed while sitting on the ground. The benefits are similar too, including relieving stress and stretching your hamstrings, calves and spine.

  • Plank

    plank yoga poseThe Plank is another foundational yoga pose, and begins with the Downward Facing Dog. It strengthens your arms, wrists, and spine and the works to tone the abdomen.

  • Bow pose

    bow yoga poseThe Bow got it’s name from the shape your body makes while in this position, an archer’s bow. This yoga pose stretches the entire front of your body, including your thighs, hips, abdomen and chest, and also improves your overall posture.

  • Crow Pose

    crow pose yogaAlthough it can be difficult to learn, the Crow pose is one of the first arm balances learned by yoga students. It strengthens the arms, wrists and of course the abdominal muscles due to all the balancing!

  • Malasana (yoga squat)

    malasana yoga squatThe Malasana is a squatting pose with the toes pointed out, the heels facing in, and hands in prayer at the chest. It’s one of many ideal yoga poses for those who are pregnant, as it relieves backache and opens the pelvis.

  • Half Moon

    half moon yoga poseA great yoga pose for strengthening the abdomen, thighs, glutes, and spine, the Half Moon pose should definitely be added to your daily yoga poses. It will also improve your coordination and balance, reduce stress and improve digestion.

  • Camel pose

    camel poseThe Camel pose works much like the Bow and many other yoga poses. It improves your posture and also stretches the entire front of your body including deep hip flexors, legs and abdomen.

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